AWS re:Invent 2015 – Day 2

I’ve always enjoyed Werner’s keynote days – although Andy tends to get more announcements, Werner tends to get meatier ones (2013: Kinesis, 2014: Lambda, 2015: IoT), so Day 2 is always interesting!

Today’s announcements included:

  • Amazon Kinesis Analytics – a fully managed service for real-time processing over massive streams of data. Using Kinesis Analytics, all data workers can create and apply real-time computations such as data filters, transformations, aggregates, and pattern detection algorithms such as clustering and outlier detection on continuous streams of data without writing any code
  • New Instance Types:
    • X1 instances are a new instance class with up to 2TB of memory and the latest Intel Xeon E7 processors for massive in-memory processing
    • T2.Nano instances – a new super-small instance type that provide a baseline level of burstable processing power
  • Amazon EC2 Container Registry – a fully-managed Docker container registry that makes it easy for developers to store, manage, and deploy Docker container images
  • CloudWatch Dashboards – CloudWatch Dashboards give you the power to build customized dashboards for your CloudWatch metrics. Each dashboard can display multiple metrics, and can be accessorized with text and images. You can build multiple dashboards if you’d like, each one focusing on providing a distinct view of your environment. You can even pull data from multiple regions into a single dashboard in order to create a global view
  • Python for Lambda – AWS Lambda now supports Python as well as Java and Node.js, with support for other languages coming in the future
  • AWS Mobile Hub – a new console management experience available in the AWS console that provides a single, integrated experience for discovering, configuring and integrating AWS cloud resources for building, testing and operating mobile apps. With the AWS Mobile Hub, developers can configure resources to handle user enrolment and authentication, build custom mobile backends, send push notifications, collect app analytics, test apps on real devices, and run campaigns for user engagement
  • Amazon IoT (Internet of Things) – a new service that lets physical products – light bulbs, cars, sensor grids and more – easily and securely interact with cloud applications

You can watch today’s keynote recording here.

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