Windows XP

To activate Pinyin input on Windows XP, follow the steps below.

    • Click on the Start button, and then click on Control Panel:


    • Click on the Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options link:


    • Click on the Regional and Language Options link:


    • On the Languages tab, check both the boxes under Supplemental language support, and click Apply:


    • If you get asked to insert the Windows XP CD, click on OK:


    • At the next window, change the first letter in the Copy files from: box to C, and then press OK. You may need to repeat this step a few times to get all of the files installed correctly.
      If it asks more than five times, you will need to locate and insert your Windows installation CD.


    • Windows will ask if you wish to reboot your PC. You don't need to do this right now to complete the installation, so click No:


    • On the Languages tab, click on the Details button:


    • On the Settings tab, click on the Add button:


    • Select Chinese (PRC) from the Input language drop-down box. The Keyboard layout/IME should automatically change to Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0 - if not, change it manually. Click OK:


    • The new Pinyin keyboard will appear in the list of installed keyboards on your computer. Click Apply and then OK to close the window:


    • The Language bar will appear on your Taskbar, usually near the clock and System Tray. By clicking on EN you can change to other input languages:


    • If you change your input language to Chinese, the appearance of the Language bar will change:


You can now switch between input languages by pressing Left Alt + Left Shift.

When in Chinese input mode, you can toggle between English and Pinyin by pressing Left Shift. Note that the English input will be US English (@ and " will be swapped on the keyboard).